By Rory Dignam

How To Improvise Round A Structure & Lead

In-person workshops are back! From Oct 6th, we will have a block of 4 workshops, 7 to 9 pm in central Dublin. The workshops will be on the theme of how to improvise around a structure and lead by Rory Dignam. There are only 15 places available.

Costs of the workshop are 50 euro for the block of 4 workshops if paid in advance to the Firedoor bank account or 60 euro if paid on the first workshop night.

Secure your place by emailing
and letting us know how you wish to pay. We will send you the bank details if requested.

Please note, it is not possible to join the course after the first workshop and if a session is missed there are no refunds. We will be following all the Covid guidelines of the location eg wearing a mask in public areas and these will be confirmed and communicated before the 1st session.

We also run directing workshops from time to time, and provide opportunities for writers to have new works read and performed.

Workshop attendees will need to fill out a code of conduct which is available here.