To raise a few bob for the group we’re having a Halloween themed quiz next Thursday Oct 24th in Drop Dead Twice. It’s gonna be a great night, with some quirky Halloweeny performances thrown in, so come along! Here’s all the info:

The Ultimate Halloween Quiz!
8pm, Thursday 24th October
Drop Dead Twice, Francis St.
?10 per person, Max 5 to a table

Aeons ago, the druids predicted the coming of a mighty test, a terrifying mental crucible that would forge heroes and strike fear into the hearts of the unworthy.

HARK! The legends were true, the time is now! The freaky fiends at Firedoor Theatre are proud to present The Ultimate Halloween Quiz!

Expect spooky questions and ghoulish giggles!

Proceeds from this legendary night will go towards Firedoor Theatre.

Here’s the Facebook Event for the quiz.