Our big show of the year took place from 23rd to 28th of August in the Smock Alley Theatre

When two sets of parents meet to resolve a conflict between their children, what was meant to be a civilised meeting turns into a barrage of name calling, tantrums and tears. In this hilarious comedy, gloves come off, dirty laundry is aired and grown-ups find themselves in their own playground. This hilarious play, written by Yasmina Reza, will be directed by the talented Sarah Thunder and entirely produced by Firedoor Theatre. It promises to be a hit! Would you like to help us finance the show? This year, our usual fundraising pub quiz couldn’t happen, so soon we will release a Kickstarter online campaign. You can donate as little and as much as you want… and there are some very nice prices for the generous out there -from free tickets to special mentions in our poster and programme 😉


The Cast

Meet the wonderful Firedoorians who will bring the God of Carnage characters to life.

Alex McKenzie as Veronique. Alex is a long-time member with a long theatre record who wears many hats: she has written, directed and produced for Firedoor, and after a hiatus she will be back on stage. Oh, did I mention that she is also our Chairperson?

Keith Byrne as Michael. Keith has always been involved in theatre and film, and he has actually done his stints in a few award-winning movies (does "Once" ring a bell?). He is also our resident website manager.

Caroline Montgomery as Annette. Caroline joined in 2018 and this is her first gig with Firedoor. She acted in many theatre productions by different groups, such as the Taney Drama Society and her own ensemble, Black Box to Red Carpet. She also writes and sings.

Terry Kenny as Alain. Terry is Firedoor's latest acquisition. Terry began studying acting in 2017 and completed several courses at the Gaiety school of Acting. He has since been a regular member of different drama groups and he is delighted to join Firedoor for this very exciting production.

Cast for God of Carnage

The Director - Sarah Thunder

Sarah Thunder