JUNE 2016

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  • Production

    June 28th — July 2nd 2016
    The Players Theatre, Trinity College


    Directed by: Brian Quinn
    Written by: The Firedoor Writers Group


    Stephen Ryan as Bryan
    Gary Deasy as Billy
    Jenni Sarkkinen as Yvonne
    Geraldine Crowley as Jesse
    Johnny Benson as Joe and Jack
    Alan O’Connell as Mike
    Dympna Heffernan as Sandra
    Gary Coroner as Andy
    Fabiano Roggio as Kevin
    Lorna Brennan as Janet
    Simon Murphy as Jakob
    Shaun Elebert as Charlie

Imagine winning the lotto jackpot… only to lose the ticket.

That’s just what happened to Charlie, when the best day of his life turned into the worst. Now everyone in Dublin is on the hunt for the missing ticket —From rioters on Thomas Street to a would-be inventor and two very chatty pigeons — there isn’t a soul in the city not hunting for Charlie’s missing millions!