MAY 2017

  • Production

    May 1st — May 6th 2017
    The Teachers’ Club, Parnell Square
    Part of the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival


    Directed by: Brian Quinn
    Written by: Simon Murphy


    Simon Murphy as Declan
    Dympna Heffernan as Aoife
    Lesley-Ann Reilly  as Karen
    Benjamin Musgrave as Andrew
    Jack Beglin as Zach

It’s been 12 months since Niall departed, and his friends and family are still in turmoil… Determined to settle things, his old flatmate Declan invites Niall’s ex Andrew and twin sister Karen for Saturday evening drinks. However, Karen and Andrew haven’t seen each other since Niall left, and each still blames the other for his’s departure. Not knowing the other is coming, Karen wastes no time before diving into the wine supply, but it’s not long before Andrew arrives with his new — much younger — boyfriend Zach.

What are Declan’s real motives for bringing the two back in contact with each other? Will Declan’s new flatmate Aoife be able to keep the peace? Why is Zach feeling so ‘triggered’?