Opportunities at Firedoor Theatre

Firedoor Theatre are looking for an Artistic Director to join our team. Full details are listed below.

Artistic Director


  • Scope of decision-making – big decisions always to be put forward to the Committee, for consensual approval. For example, plays to put on have to be voted and approved by the Committee.
  • Mandatory to cast Firedoor members in the first audition, then if any roles are left, external auditions can be organised.
  • Commitment – 12 months minimum

Job spec

(This is a part-time, volunteer role)

Non-profit, amateur ensemble Firedoor Theatre is seeking a dynamic and visionary Artistic Director based in Dublin, Ireland. The Artistic Director will oversee the artistic vision and direction of the theatre. The Artistic Director shapes the group’s work, including mainstage productions, special projects, workshops and outreach programs. In partnership with the Committee, primary duties include assessing the group’s capabilities, selecting the season’s productions, recruiting technical staff, setting production schedules and organising productions.

The Artistic Director may direct some or all of this work, or invite other directors to direct productions. The Artistic Director also serves as spokesperson and advocate for the theatre before funders, the media, and the public.

We are looking for a dynamic leader who is also a team player and can articulate the theatre’s vision and direction and fuel its ongoing.


  • Plan the programme for the season with the Committee
  • Assist the production director with casting
  • Establish and maintain artistic standards and quality for productions
  • Sets artistic goals for the group
  • Organises weekly workshops blocks and sources facilitators for the same
Strategy & Assessment
  • Hold the group accountable to its mission and values
  • Identify performing opportunities together with the Committee
  • Help develop long-range financial planning and assessment with the Treasurer
  • Maintain relationships with artists locally and nationally
  • Represent the group to the public and media
  • Communicate Firedoor’s vision to funders and lead sponsoring initiatives
  • Attends Committee meetings (online, once a month)


  •  Personal practice in theatre, preferably as an artistic director, producer, or production director
  • Excellent communication, community building, analytical, and leadership skills
  • Familiarity with the theatre scene in Dublin and local practitioners
  • Based in Dublin or able to commute to Dublin city on a regular basis
  • Acting experience
  • Knowledge of/experience with fundraising, grant writing, and working within a community
  • Strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.



Please e-mail with a brief cover letter and CV to firedoortheatre@gmail.com

About Firedoor

Firedoor Theatre was established in 2013 by a small gang of actors, writers, and directors looking to bring fresh and accessible theatre and workshops to Dublin City. Since then the group has morphed and grown but still sticks to this core principle. 

We run weekly acting workshops focusing on creating a fun and inclusive environment and developing a wide range of performance skills, and produce a variety of shows and plays, with a particular interest in contemporary and original works.