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Firedoor annual membership costs € 30 (€ 20 for unwaged).
It can be paid in person at a workshop or via PayPal, by clicking the “Donate” button below. Please choose the option “Send Money to a Friend.” when making a Paypal payment.

Alternatively you can also pay by bank transfer. Kindly email us and we will send you our bank details – thank you.

Patrons can also make a one-off donation this way, no matter how big or small.

Membership FAQ

Why is there now a membership fee?
There were three main reasons for this decision:

Formalising memberships
We have a large informal membership (100+), which includes workshop regulars, ex-regualrs, improvisers, writers and more. As such it’s very hard to keep track of the growth of the group, commitment and satisfaction of members. The feeling has also been that the only real measure of involvement with the group has been workshop attendance, which isn’t ideal for members who can't attend, are involved in side groups, or are less interested in the acting side of things. 

The cash reserve
The group is neither cash strapped nor loaded — we’re doing grand. But as we gravitate towards bigger and better productions, our expenses naturally increase. The membership fee wont suddenly make the group cash rich, but it will provide a bit extra that we can channel into growth and exciting new opportunities for our members.

A formal membership is essential to ensuring Firedoorians are covered by our insurance policy. 

What does my € 30 annual membership get me?
  • Access to weekly acting workshops
  • Opportunity to be involved in Firedoor side projects — readings, small productions etc
  • Inclusion on the Firedoor mailing list
  • Invitation to first round casting for Firedoor productions
  • Insurance coverage during shows and workshops
  • Umbrella benefits of Firedoor's membership of Drama League of Ireland (access to their play catalogue for instance)

How can I pay?
You can pay in person at a workshop etc, or via the PayPal link on this page. 

How long is membership?
12 months

Where does the money go?
Paying for facilitators, paying for workshop space, paying for rehearsal space, paying for venues, technical expertise relating to shows, props, sets etc.

Does this cover workshops?
No, you will still need to pay weekly/monthly for your workshop attendance.

I really love being a part of Firedoor, but simply can’t afford to pay — what can I do?
This is a completely understandable dilemma. However you can speak to a member of the committee in confidence to arrange a no-fee membership — we don’t want anyone who wants to be a part of Firedoor excluded because of their economic circumstances.

How strictly will this be enforced?
Fairly strictly. Newcomers obviously won’t be expected to fork out for membership until they’ve got a feel for a group. However if the committee feels an attendee is taking advantage (e.g. attending multiple workshops without a paid membership) then they will be excluded from the group until their membership is renewed.

What do you mean by ‘First round casting’?
Our aim when putting on a Firedoor production is to fill all roles with members of the group, and the initial casting process will only involve group members. However, under circumstances where a match for a role hasn’t been found within the group, Firedoor may invite outside actors to participate in a second round casting.